One Bad Pixel
All your pixel are belong to us.


Welcome to One Bad Pixel.  I have created this site to discuss technology, code, information, science, humor, alcohol, and just about anything else that I find interesting.  I hope that you, as a visitor, can enjoy reading the blogs I post and can enjoy commenting on the blogs.

In case you have been wondering about the name, One Bad Pixel, it is fairly simple actually. I have been asked if it refers to that pesky dead spot on an LCD, but the site has been alive since prior to the mainstreaming of LCDs, and while those are annoying, it actually refers to pixel perfect web design. I am an OCD ridden perfectionist and if you have mouseovers that shift by 1px, or your imagemaps (who uses these anymore; I mean the equivilant of an imagemap) dont align quite right because you are lazy and/or dont know how to set/remove your margins and padding, then you fit the definition of why I created this site.

If you see such things on my site, (for example, if you look in Firefox, the padding between the left sidebar and the content is smaller then that of the right sidebar), I assure you I have found them already, and when time permits, I will fix them, there is no need to notify me.

If you want me to take a look at your site and pick it apart piece by piece, feel free to email me and I will take a quick look and report what I notice at a glance. I will not spend tons of time looking at it and fixing all your code, since this is what I normally get paid to do, but I will give suggestions since I love to see quality code on the web and not stuff that should go onto