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Jeep Upgrades

Winter is here! And that means one thing, time to upgrade the Jeep.

I have a great winter full of upgrades planned, but the highlights are:

  • 40″ IROKs
  • Inner Air Locks
  • Corporate 14 Bolt Rear Axle, Shaved with Disc Brake conversion
  • Dana 60 Kingpin Front Axle
  • 5.38 Gears
  • NP231-Dana 300 Doubler
  • Borla Headers
  • 4 Link Rear Suspension
  • 3 Link Front Suspension
  • Fox 2.0 16″ Air Shocks
  • New Custom Dash
  • i6 Propane Conversion
  • Roll Cage

Its a busy, busy list, but so far things are starting to come together nicely. I have already acquired my transfer cases, header, 14 Bolt, Diff covers and misc axle parts, 40″ IROKs and Dash materials. Now on to the fabrication parts.


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  1. friv Says:

    Regarding security — I agree with you. If someone wants to break into my house, they won’t take the time to learn how to hack a digital deadbolt…they’ll just break a window. I just pray they do it when I’m on a beach somewhere, blissfully unaware, and not when I’m home with my children. 🙂

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