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Uncharted 2

Well, about a month ago I bought Uncharted 2 at GameStop for something to play until Fallout: New Vegas comes out. After several couple hour sessions, I have finished the game on normal difficulty (netting the very easy, easy, and normal trophies at the same time). After my playthough, I wanted to share my thoughts on the game.

First off, storyline was pretty decent, and the use of cutscenes played in well to the story, and was captivating and interesting as an Indiana Jones movie.

Graphics were great, gameplay was smooth. Sexual innuendos and jokes were plentiful between the characters.. Overall I give it 2 thumbs up.

While the control was pretty decent on PS3, nothing can rival the awesomeness of the controls for Assassins Creed II. The guy sometimes hangs onto things you dont want him to and doesnt want to let go.

The game was great, but all in all, I was a little bit disappointed, because I thought it would be a little bit of a sandbox, and it was more of a graphically pretty maze. There is only 1 path through every area, and often, it requires simply re-running the same path until you have memorized it without dying.

I would recommend the game as a used gamestop purchase with an entertaining couple weeks of playtime (for a casual player, a hardcore player probably would clear it in about 5 days or less).


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