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Why digital media is not the wave of the future. | One Bad Pixel
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One Bad Pixel
The night time is the right time.

Why digital media is NOT the wave of the future.

In reading this article, I was reminded of things I have been talking about since the inception of DRM (Digital Rights Management). Here is my rant.

Several years ago, the music and movie industries created the bane of the consumers existence, DRM. DRM is a technology which became popular for licensing music and movies over the Internet. When you buy a song from iTunes, you don’t actually BUY the song, but you LICENSE the song for a finite period of time, as defined by the operating agreement of the vendor. In the past, when you bought a CD, you were purchasing a perpetual license for the lifespan of the media on which it was sold, and thanks to DMCA, even longer.

I have converted my music and collected music in MP3 format since its inception because it does not contain DRM. When all the DRM hoopla began, I tried to tell people that they should not eat the food that the music industry was trying to feed them. They had managed to convince the consumers that DRM was what the consumers wanted, but in reality, DRM was what the industry wanted. Consumers moved in droves to license over 5 billion songs from iTunes, Yahoo music, MSN Music, etc.
Now the current, MSN Music and Yahoo Music are no longer issuing licensing. Want to replace your computer and move your music? Sorry, can’t do it, licenses are unavailable. Want to burn a CD? sorry, can’t do it since you can’t contact the licensing server anymore. What will happen in the future when you have 4000 songs in iTunes, and they too stop issuing licenses. Do you think you will get a refund for each $0.99 song you licensed?

Now to the current new thing hitting the shelves.. Digital movie download boxes, such as Vudu, Apple TV, etc. If you are in the belief that this is the next big thing going to replace DVD and Blu-Ray, then the MPAA has already succeeded in brainwashing you into believing what you want just happens to be the same as what they want. To all the “consumer reviewers” out there spouting that this is the next big thing, STOP DOING THE MPAA’s MARKETING FOR THEM.

There is a reason that boxes like the Vudu are financially backed by major motion picture labels. This is what the INDUSTRY WANTS, and they are trying to brainwash you into wanting it too. This is the same issue with DRM. You will no longer buy a perpetual license for a DVD, you license the right to view a movie. Want to watch it at a friends? Too Bad. Want to copy it to a disc to back it up? Too bad.

For these reasons, DVD/Blu-Ray will be around until the next big physical media replaces them. They will not ever be replaced by DRM laden licensing. Sure, if you want a nifty piece of technology with some convenience, get a device like this, but don’t go spending thousands building a movie library unless you have some physical media free of DRM that you can fall back to when the industry decides its time to upsell you on a new piece of technology, and relegates your old movies to useless fodder.

Support your artists and studios, buy DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, and download music from places that have done away with DRM. Don’t steal music, support the great artists that have taken a chance and made their music available without copy protection.


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