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An Alternative to DNSStuff… part 2

A while back I wrote an article discussing my dissatisfaction with the commercialization of DNSStuff and the search for some alternatives. After seeing that the article has been the primary source of traffic and links into my site for the last couple months, I have determined that I must not be alone in this, as I continually am getting hits and references to searches like “dnsstuff+alternative” and the like.

I wanted to follow up on the previous article to summarize the solutions that have either been presented to me, found their way to my site, or I have found since writing the article. This post is designed to keep the discussion alive, aggregate the data into one spot, and in general, encourage more comments and recommendations on the dnsstuff alternative discussion.

I would like to take a moment to indicate that I appreciate all that DNSStuff has done over the years, and continues to do, even though it no longer fits my personal needs. They have a very solid set of tools that have always performed well and provided countless hours of time-saving information. Their recent decision to restructure their service to require logins to use, severely limiting the number of times you can run the tools without paying, and in general, adding all kinds of fluff to their website has just simple made it a tool that no longer saves me enough time or energy to bother using it.

Among the several dnsstuff alternatives floating around out there, the following I have found to be my favorites, and the most used by me. Here they are listed in order of preference, however preference is a little deceiving since I use each of the tools in a slightly different way. – A DNS Checker very similar in form and function to the DNSStuff DNSReport that everyone had loved. – A collection of tools to check several individual items that are typically involved in troubleshooting a DNS issue. – Similar in function to, but not quite as polished. Seems slightly more responsive than but with a couple less tools. – While not as polished and pretty as the others, this tool provides a lot of very useful information that can be used to troubleshoot a DNS issue. – Lots of neat things, althought a little slow in the US since this site is located in Australia. Thanks Dave. – Lots of useful tools for checking lots of DNS related issues.. Thanks Bidone76. – A nice report, although a little tricky to find where to start. Thanks Tom. – A bit slow, but makes really pretty infrastructure graphs which are worth the wait. Thanks Tom. – A bunch of individual tools, somewhat useful, fairly fast. No aggregate report of DNS status. Thanks Mills. – No, I haven’t disowned them alltogether, as they still have a nice tool fleeced behind some poor marketing decisions. They still get on the list because I give them a lot of credit for doing what they did for so long. (My suggestion to DNSStuff: At a minimum, provide a long term cookie authentication that auto logs you in, and works properly.)

If anyone else has any good entries or discussion on the topic of dnsstuff alternatives, please feel free to post them here and I will integrate them into the comments. If you happen to have some source code (even in beta state) that you are willing to share for some of these, I will be happy to build yet another free (perpetually free) tool for this.


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  1. DNSStuff alternative | One Bad Pixel Says:

    […] There is lots of good comments on here, but if you are looking for the convenient list of all of the DNSStuff alternative sites I have found, please look at the followup post. […]

  2. tom Says:

    you might want to have a look at and

  3. Sandra Says:

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