One Bad Pixel
One Bad Pixel = 42.

PHENOMENOL COSMIC POWERS, itty-bitty living space.

So.. While searching the net for a product that will meet the needs of my Next-Gen Home Theater (more on this later) I came across a couple super products in the Ultra-Mobile PC market that I wanted to blog about. The first being the Samsung Q1 Ultra (the one with the keyboard). It runs Windows Vista, has a touch screen, is about the size of a PSP, and can even play a lot of games (not the new top-o-the-line stuff, but still.. It fits in your pocket.) Total cost for this baby is about 900 bucks if you shop around, + or – 200 bucks. Sleek look, nice resolution, available auto-power cable, suction cup mount, charging cradle, etc.

Next on the list, much more powerful (can even play World of Warcraft) is the OQO Model 2. As with the Samsung, it is extremely sexy, has a full qwerty keyboard tucked away, runs XP or Vista, and even has a cellular modem built in. This guy costs a bit more in the $1500-2000 price range, but ultra sleek, very small, and way more powerful than the Samsung.

The last on the list with honorable mention (still a strong choice in the UMPC market) is the WiBrain B1. Its not quite as pretty as the other 2, but has larger keyboard buttons, a synaptics style touchpad, and still about the size of a PSP. It also has a webcam built in.

So in summary, if you are a night-time websurfer, mobile worker, gadget-hound, or home-theater designer/enthusiast, these are all worth a definite look-see.


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