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GrandCentral: The New Way To Use Your Phones

GrandCentral: The New Way To Use Your Phones

A friend recently referred me to a Beta service that Google is launching called GrandCentral. It is like a follow-me service for your phone numbers. You can program several numbers you might be at, and create rules on who and how the callers to your free number get forwarded to your direct numbers. For example, if you are usually at the office, and you occasionally want to be reached on your cell phone when you leave the office, you could program in a follow-me that says to ring 2 times at your office, then ring at your cell phone. You can create different ringback tones per caller, setup certain callers as spam, setup different follow-me rules per callers, et al.

You can manage callers online, view calls in progress, do misc. conferencing and callwaiting things, send them to voicemail, listen to voicemails, and all kinds of other neat things too.

It’s definitely worth checking out, but it is currently (as of this writing) invite only. I have 6 remaining invitations, so if you are a friend of mine and would like one, please email me and let me know, (and are willing to agree to visit my blog more often.)


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