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Must-have tools for the power user (ubuntu/linux version)

I previously posted a list of powertools that every windows user should have, but thought that it left out our open source friends, so here is a similar list, geared towards the Ubunto and Linux users. This list isn’t as complete as the Windows version, since I haven’t been dual booting lately. (Also a large post, so open it to see the list)

Ubuntu Linux. This kinda goes without saying, but in case you didn’t already have it, here it is in all its free glory, for you to download and install. Also check out Edubuntu for the kids.

Beagle is like Google desktop search. It indexes about everything and makes it easy to search (mp3s, emails, documents, etc.)

CheckGmail. This little tool is for displaying popups with your gmail notifications, since GMail notifier only works on windows.

Deluge is a great bittorrent client for linux. Don’t ask what bittorrent is, if you don’t know, how in the heck are you running ubuntu in the first place?

Adobe Flash Player. Yes, now available in linux versions.

Firefox web browser. Don’t ask if there is alternatives, just get this, you won’t be sorry.

Gnomebaker is a utility for burning music and movies to CDs and DVDs. It works good.

MythTV is a must have if you have a DVB or TV Tuner card. Lets you use your computer like a media center and watch TV, record shows, pause live TV, etc.


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