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Must-have tools for the power user (windows version)

Over the years, I have found a decent amount of tools that are absolute requirements on my systems nowdays. I thought I would share some of them for everyone else out there, and perhaps get some ideas on new ones to add to my collection.
This is a big post, so you will have to click it to see the list.

Image Resizer from the Microsoft Powertoys collection. This adds shell integration to quickly resize images to the specified size to compress them, like when you want that 1.2Mb image from your digicam to be a realistic size for emailing. Only available for Win32 (boo hoo, poor me, no more image resizer)

CmdHere also from the MS Powertoys collection. Adds a shell menu item so you can right click a folder in explorer and open a cmd prompt in that folder. There is a registry hack that lets you do this in x64 edition also. If you have x64 and want this functionality, try this.

UltraMon is probably *the* best multiple monitor manager I have ever found. This is an absolute must if you have multiple monitors. Lets you set wallpaper per screen, move maximized windows to other monitors quickly, save opening locations for applications, make a taskbar on each monitor with only that screens applications, and more.

BitDefender antivirus and security suite. I found this after being continually depressed about the speed degredation I suffered over the years as McAfee became more bloated, and Norton always was. BitDefender is FAST, CHEAP, and GOOD. (Hard to believe, huh?)

TortoiseSVN is a shell extension subversion client. If you dont know what subversion is, then this probably isn’t for you. There is also a CVS version available as well. This works great. I <3 it.

PuTTY is by far one of the best terminal emulators/SSH clients available. (Unless you are on DOS 6.22, then Telix beats all). Get the whole set, PuTTY, Puttygen, PSCP, PSFTP, Pageant, since they all are mostly related.

wget for windows is just like the wget for linux. It lets you download files from URLs via command line. Also lets you get entire websites from the command line. (See my post about the PGMS tool if you wonder why this would be useful)

WinCron. Just like linux cron, but for windows. Much more powerful than the retarded windows scheduled tasks, although those can do most things, in a pinch. Supports VBScript in your cronjobs.

Firefox web browser. I used to not get all the hype, since IE did the trick. I still use both interchangably most of the time, and for cross-browser development, but FF has a WAY better error console for troubleshooting code, better standards compliance, a MUCH faster javascript engine (I have tested this…), and doesn’t have the need for a trick standards mode known as “quirks mode” like that MS browser.

TextPad. Not free, but worth every penny. A good replacement for notepad, supports regex searching, multiple open documents, block tabulation, and lots of other features that make it totally awesome. Even the trial has neverending operation, with a non-intrusive nag that occasionally pops up when you save. I don’t find it irritating at all, so I just leave it unregistered. (They also have a tool called WildEdit which lets you make the same change to all text files in a folder hierarchy)


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