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Artists cutting ties with labels

It seems that a growing trend in the music industry is for more and more artists to cut ties with their record labels and sell their music online directly, using services like Musicane, Indie911, Fuzz, Snocap, and TuneCore. So far to date, some of the big players making this move are Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Oasis, and Madonna. With many of these artists finally realizing that their labels have been ripping them off, I think that they will finally see the benefit of selling their music directly, and its also pretty nice that the RIAA and the labels finally get their share of the crap Karma that is due to them. I applaud artists that follow suit and will continue discussing and linking all the great artists out there that follow along. If you find some desire to get music on the Internet, please support these artists by using their website and legally purchasing their MP3s, to help motivate other artists to follow along. Use your own discretion for artists only offering DRM downloads, as this isn’t the type of thing we want to encourage. Lets show the artists that their choice is a good one.


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