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DNSStuff alternative

There is lots of good comments on here, but if you are looking for the convenient list of all of the DNSStuff alternative sites I have found, please look at the followup post.

I have always been a fan of DNSStuff, in fact, I have been using it for many many years. Recently, they re-vamped their website from the familiar, no-bs, no-frills and glitz website with useful tools to a commercialized new look. When they did this, I immediately thought to myself, “Self, its only a matter of time before they start trying to monetize this.”

Sometimes I hate being right. Not long after switching their site design, they started doing this Subscription based tools, and the free tools which we loved became limited to only 1 use. Their registration process is a pain in the ass and somewhat deceiving, and logging in every time I need to use the tool is not condusive to the usefulness of the site. I can support a company trying to pay for their costs, but I think they are taking the wrong approach here.

I can deal with looking at ads, and also having a registration based login site for those that dont like ads. In fact, this might turn out more lucrative, as many of the “paying” users will still look at ads when they are in a hurry and dont want to take the time to login or look up their credentials. Forcing users to login to a site like this just pisses them off and makes them search for alternatives.

In light of all this, I have found this alternate site that has a free, no frills report that works equally as well. It is at and works very well. I am happy to have found this new alternative and will continue using it, in addition to DNSStuff should they decide to alter their course.

If Arik from DNSStuff happens to read this, please put up a ads-based no-graphics and extra crap version of your tools page, even if for a limited time, to see how it works out for you. I think that with nearly 2M hits per month you will find that this keeps people happy and offsets your registrations cost, if not even more. Happy users means more traffic and more revenue. I want to push your tools, but can’t right now.


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  1. Tomoiaga Says:

    Hello Jim,

    Thank you for your interest in
    We know that the tool looks like the original, however, would you change something right now ?
    I used to like them too in the past, but right now I do not see why they need more $ to support the project. I also don’t like the tests they do anymore after discovering some wrong answers or answers like “We cannot test this because you have multiple IPs” (they only needed to compare 2 sets).
    We are aware that nobody is perfect and we hope that with this tool we can convince dnsstuff to offer better services to users because they had no motivation so far.

    Thank you!

  2. Jim Says:

    Thanks for your very quick notice and comments on my blog in regards to the testing suite. I have updated my blog slightly after re-reading it and your comments. Please keep up the good work and keep in touch.

  3. Scott Says:


    If you find wrong answers at, I urge you to contact them about it, so that it can be fixed (or they can explain why it is right, if that is the case). As for being unable to test, there are *so* many possible cases that the DNS Report has to account for that it would be nearly impossible to accommodate them all. Perhaps more work will get done on that with some money coming in. 🙂

  4. Jim Says:

    My issues of late with DNSStuff revolve around the whole logging in process and all. I find that their website is much less useful when I have to login, and a lot of the time, their whole login and cookie process is somewhat buggy. It now takes less time for me to shell to my favorite linux host and simply perform the lookups I need manually. I would have much rather dealt with ads between each box, or even those annoying linkwords for that matter.

  5. Tomoiaga Says:

    I agree Scott, not all the tests can be accurate as I stated in the intoDNS blog. But still, not being able to compare two arrays looked suspicious to me.

  6. Tomoiaga Says:

    well, it’s a “free” world…

  7. Michael Says:

    I notice another site also works very well as an alternative.

  8. Nasir Ghaznavi Says:

    You may try the simple site called

  9. Andrew Senter Says:

    Thank you so much for the link Jim, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Oh how I adore this no frills Google style site.

  10. Jim Says:

    By no frills, google style site, are you referring to the link or to mine? 😀 intoDNS is nice for its lack of noise, and some of the other tools the others linked are also quite nice. I try to keep my own blog similar in that it has very few cosmetics to make it easy to read, although my background picture needs to be fixed because there is a red glow around hitman that is partially clipped.

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  12. Dave Says:

    Hello, its been a while since this was posted but i have been browsing thru google and looking @ DSNStuff alternatives & other useful query tools. is a website that i have come to love, it has lots of Administrator Tools on it, and is located in Australia… Generally speaking it is quite fast (Mind you i am in Australia also).

  13. Jim Says:

    Dave, thanks for letting me know. I actually have a followup post to this with a set of links, so I will add it to there. I imagine that even if it is not as fast for us here in the US, that will change soon when the new 1.2Tbit link is done between Hawaii and AUS.

  14. Bidone76 Says:

    Hi, i wanted to report a new site i found around there. let you make every needed test on the DNS system

  15. Jim Says:

    Excellent! I love to see new items. I checked out the dnsqueries site and it looks pretty useful. I have updated it onto the post titled “An Alternative to DNSStuff part 2”.

  16. Mills Says:

    I use it has a lot of the similar tools that DNSSTUFF offers and they seem to be adding more options weekly.

    To bad dnsstuff has taken the road of commercialising their site, I agree with the host of this site that if DNSSTUFF wanted to make some money just throw on some advertisements in key areas. I am sure with the large volume of users the site generates this could easily pay for itself. is a good alternate to some of dnsstuff tools.

  17. Gavin Says:

    I signed up with DNSStuff on a 21 day free trial, of their Professional Tools service only (so far as I’m aware).

    My diary had a note to review the service before the 21 days was up. I hadn’t used the service past the first couple of days of the trial much as I’d found better alternatives, so I’d have certainly cancelled the subscription. However in the early hours of the final day (about 20.5 days after I started using the service) I got emails to tell me that my card had been charged not only $79 for the Professional Tools but also $42 and $99 for two other services that I wasn’t aware of.

    I’ve asked DNSStuff for a refund and I’m now awaiting response.

    Be careful of DNSStuff; this could be a genuine billing mistake on their part – which is sloppy – or it could be an intentional rip-off.

  18. Jim Says:

    I would like to think that this is a genuine billing mistake, and that hopefully it has been resolved since you reported the issue on or before 11/18. DNSStuff has historically been a good and fair company, with a good product and good people. I think that they got other investors involved or something that have making money in the forefront of their focus, as opposed to keeping the software useful. With the amount of free alternatives out there, I can’t encourage people to continue supporting DNSStuff through their poor marketing decisions, regardless of how good their products are/were.

  19. Dave Says:

    Here is a link to another 100% Free DNS Report Alternative:


  20. Matt Jabs Says:

    Awhile ago I posted a similar article & it started quite the hefty discussion. By far the most interesting content is in the comments. Several employees of get into the mix…you should definately check it out.

    Matt of eJabs

  21. Matt Jabs Says:

    Check out the article here!

  22. Tiago C. Campos Says:


  23. vetal Says:

    Hi everybody, I’ve found good DNS tools (as for me). You can check it via, moreover it is free, and I need to say that the tools from mentioned web-site are really fast and provide with the correct results.
    So why we should pay to or some other similar projects, if we can use such powerfull scripts for FREE.
    Please try them and give you mark, coz I think that this web-site(and those scripts) are awesome.
    P.S. with help of those tools I found the hole in my nameserver 🙂


  24. Danilo Says:


    I’m using this website lately and helps a lot to do daily checks and such.

  25. NokB Says:

    Hi. I am using this site to get DNS report of a given domain

  26. JWright Says:

    Here is another nice tool –

  27. David Says:

    You should also check out — Killer tools just like dnsstuff in the old days, multiple servers, fast, and free to stay! 🙂

  28. Sandra Says:

    You can also refer to that tool for DNS Propagation
    with 100+ Pubic DNS Servers available in General and Country listings to check Live DNS Propagation results.

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