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Cisco VPN client – blight of the software world

So.. Cisco makes this fancy VPN client software that is required to connect to their VPN concentrators. Apparently, this product is specifically designed for the sales weenies of the world that ONLY need to connect back to their main office. For the rest of us in the world that *MIGHT* have some need to operate multiple VPN connections to different networks, it is a piece of shit. So I happily have been using my Windows IPSEC VPN to my Alabama office for a couple years.. It never lets me down. I get to my North Carolina office to be informed that in order to connect to the network, I must install the Cisco VPN client. I reluctantly agree. What a mistake.

Now, the Cisco VPN works ok, but I’m pretty much fucked when it comes to my Windows VPN. It gives me some shit about the connection was blocked by the remote computer, although it worked just before I installed the Cisco VPN. I should have know better when it asked me if I wanted to shut down and restart.

If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be great since I can’t finish my updates to One Bad Pixel to put the new template online until I can connect back to my webserver. Edit: I moved my webserver. This is fixed.


2 Responses for “Cisco VPN client – blight of the software world”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cisco VPN software is the worst thing that was ever programmed in human history!

  2. Cisco_Time_Waster Says:

    I agree with the above. So slow i loose 10m every time connecting. I don’t have any problem using Anytime connect, but the VPN client is a piece of shit.

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